Chinese Projects

I facilitate projects through leadership, intellectual capital, experience and understanding the needs and desires of all the stakeholders—this means listening.  The intent is to move forward.

Jan 2019

Project description

This Firm sought a seasoned recruiting advisor that will provide advise on the following initiatives:
>Strategic Growth advice
> Market-Entry for new market niches
> Advise on M&A, acquiring a company, etc.
>Database / connection sharing

The point of the effort was to look at their mission holistically and optimize their strengths and minimize their constraints. In order to be effective and competitive the firm's tasks were distributed and off-shored to minimize cost. They provided executive search support in Hong Kong while leveraging research and search efforts by staff in the Philippines.

New niches were suggested in segments they were not currently pursuing. Two of the recommendations fit in the their sweet spot.

They are seeking growth and various ways to do so in concert with their staffing and resource pattern were presented.

A number of traditional database methodologies were reviewed and as well more progress mobile models to support their structure.

In summary, they agree they have a number of things to consider to add value to their firm to increase the number of searches and complete them in a more timely manner that industry standards.