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Marketing Project, Book > " LinkedIn: The 5-Minute Drill for Executive Networking Success"

Jul 2019 – Present

Project description

The initial content was developed over time by award winning co-authors, Lori Ruff and Joe Frankie and competed in DAN POYNTER's GLOBAL e-BOOK 2017 competition and were awarded GOLD (Career Development) and SILVER (Business)

The beginning of marketing efforts were fired up in July 2019 when the booksellers provided direct feedback through our publisher for additional content and change of format from 4x6 inch to 5x8 format. Naturally, this resulted in a re-editing and formatting process over the summer headed to ultimate publication.

The award winning co-authors are availing themselves of multi-media outlets in order to continue to market the book, e.g.; radio shows, book signings, presentations, interviews, podcasts, contributions to articles/columns, grass root book reviews, recommendations, newsletters, public speaking, workshops, guest speakers and video..

Print ISBN: 9781642794540

eBook ISBN: 9781642794557

As of this writing in Dec 2019 these retailers offer the book;

INDIGO -,%20Lori
TARGET On-Line -


Mar 2012 – Present

Project description

You are welcome Follow me (my bookshelf) on Goodreads. I will be updating with "good reads".

I continue to coach and mentor several leaders over the years. Most recently, many transitioning service members have sought to pursue the energy career track.

I start them with a number of books, based on their interest, in the Pennwell series of energy books written in nontechnical language. Those who have executed this plan, have seemed to land their opportunities quicker since there is a Body of Knowledge associated with Energy and its respective verticals.

For those seeking leadership, there are a number to consider.

For those seeking good works on Startups, they are included there as well.

For those who enjoy military history there a number that are very good and multifunctional -- leadership, logistics, technology, etc.

Book Project > "LinkedIn:The 5-Minute Drill for Executive Networking Success"​

Jan 2016 – Dec 2019

Project description

This project is the joint brainchild of Joe Frankie III and Lori Ruff, "The LinkedIn Diva"​. We were constantly discussing how we take them on a creative, discovery process to train and coach people on LinkedIn to achieve their overall goals. Sometimes, this is to find a new opportunity, change sectors, help executives, merchandise key skills/experiences or transition from the military to the private sector. Depending on your goal, it requires a slightly different bridge to build from where you are to where you want to go.

This book will reference the de facto primer for "saddling the LinkedIn"​ horse for your ride-- "Rock the World with your LinkedIn Profile v2.1"​, by Award Winning Authors - Lori Ruff and Mike O'Neil.

This is an ongoing project on how to use LinkedIn efficiently to guarantee your networking success. Also it highlights the importance of getting your profile right and on track so you can effectively network in five minutes during your busy day.

We completed the first phase with publishing this as an e-book and we competed it in the DAN POYNTER's GLOBAL e-BOOK 2017 competition and were awarded GOLD (Career Development) and SILVER (Business)

We are award winning authors currently working with Morgan James Publishing to get it published in print, Kindle, et al. This occurred on 3 Dec 19. The book is currently out in paperback and Kindle. Major booksellers, e.g.; Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and Target on-line are carrying the book.

Pilot KnowledgeKeeper Applications - SALES

Jan 2011 – Dec 2013

Project description

KnowledgeKeeper is a web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution with a mobile application so that anyone can capture their best work or an event and share that operational knowledge quickly and collaborate with others in an organization via mobile device, e.g.; iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. This process allows operational knowledge to be easily discoverable by multiple users.

How do you document knowledge that cannot be written down or is difficult to do? Video is the best way and making the video searchable by what is said is even better. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, perhaps video is worth the same at 30 pictures/ second. Everything said in a KnowledgeKeeper video can be transcribed and is searchable.

Marketed and sold this subscription service involved the research and contact of potential clients and qualifying their need for the KnowledgeKeeper service. Developed the relationships and assisted our clients through their decision-making and approval process. This included climbing the Vendor hill for these organizations. Examples Include:

-- City of Palo Alto (CA) gas utilities side
-- Consolidated Edison (NYC) gas utilities side
-- HydroQuebec (Canada) power generation and Transmission
-- At Balance (Manage Pressure Drilling) oil and gas
-- Schlumberger (At Balance acquired)
-- Nevada Power (NV) power generation and transmission
-- El Paso Electric (TX & NM) power