"Joe is more than a mentor for me. He has an extremely large vision of the professional working environment. Joe coached me on my career and inspired me to reinvent my profile on LinkedIn. After modifying my profile based on his counsel it has been further reviewed and suddenly ranked up and I have a better understanding of how to use LinkedIn as an effective business tool. I recently had the opportunity to read Joe’s and Lori’s book, “LinkedIn: The 5-Minute Drill for Executive Networking Success.” He taught me, in-depth, almost the entire book over several conversations. I recognized the details he mentioned to me previously. I see why he has invaluable impact on many people with his personal effect and experience. I look forward to following his updates and articles on LinkedIn and leadership. Thanks so much for your invaluable coaching and advise."

Taner KIRBIZ Izmir, Turkey

"Joe is a very knowledgeable and helpful person. He helped meimprove my LinkedIn profile and my job hunting strategies to alsoattract international employers. He is very kind and always takesthe time to give valuable advice. I can definitely recommend working with Joe and do not want to miss his advice."

Rebecca Luedeke, (CIA)

"My recommendation for Joe Franckie III is that of being a client of his during the past two years. Joe’s incredible insight is amazing in how to navigate the professional sphere of opportunities that exist in today's new environment. His demeanor is very open, calm, and yet his output is amplified through experience and wisdom to get the job done right, each and every time. I have witnessed Joe’s executive ability on many occasions – and taking time to understand how accurate his outcomes have been. He is very advanced in his field in the industry as a CEO, Senior Leader, and Author. The experiences that he shares with clients has taught me and others very much about the art of professional networking, and alignment to meaningful new opportunities. His strategies are based on experience and wins in both the military and private industry. He has proven to be a very valuable asset to me both personally and professionally. I do value his position on situations that require leadership critique and support. In his book ‘LinkedIn the 5-minute drill for executive networking success’ it shows us a new way to look at business. His strategy is supported by a rich background in the military and private business sector – from his beginning at West Point to the CEO of his current company with a hugely impressive list of clients. Joe is a win-win choice when the stakes are high and executive coaching is required."

Manny Barriger, Change Leader

"COL Joe Frankie III is an exemplary professional, dedicated to improving the success and influence of his clients. I had the opportunity to be mentored by Joe recently on LinkedIn executive branding and marketing, and have quickly realized the success of his methods and coaching ability. He also introduced me to two vital books on the topic of LinkedIn (one being his newest award-winning book), and they have truly improved both my outlook and involvement on this vital executive networking platform. As a result, I have already recommended several Senior Executives to him that would immediately benefit from his services, and will continue to direct individuals & organizations to him which seek more effective visibility & opportunities in their markets. Lastly, as a fellow Veteran Army Officer, Joe is the Commanding Officer you want in a firefight or the Board Room, because both scenarios have the potential to change lives....why not have the best in your corner....COL Joe Frankie III!"

Donnie Bowen III, Strategic Planning

"Joe patiently worked with me to help me build a more robust LinkedIn profile never pressed or counting the minutes. He took the time to listen to my career goals and what I wanted to communicate in order to increase and improve productive & meaningful traffic to my profile. He skillfully explained to me what recruiters are looking for and how to develop a profile that would clearly communicate my experiences and skills getting me noticed and contacted for positions and projects that I actually want. He, then, professionally followed up. His generosity with his time, experience and personal approach to each unique client is the best I have seen in many years and sets him apart from the rest. His recently released book, The 5-Minute Drill, is an excellent resource too-a must have. You aren’t merely getting a LinkedIn "how to" when working with Joe. You are actually getting an Executive Coach. I would and have recommended Joe and his book to several of my peers and clients. Joe is worth his weight gold. Top-notch professional. I am honored to be coached by Joe Frankie."

Jennifer Paquette, MBA, MPA, Exec

"I had a LinkedIn profile and thought it was fairly well written. I soon realized that I was incorrect. After my first 2-hour session with Joe, I came to understand how woefully inadequate my profile actually was. He took the time and effort to walk me through various sections and to explain to me how they are being used by my peers and recruiters. Joe also opened my eyes to capabilities within LinkedIn that I never knew existed. After going over my meeting notes and making only the first pass at suggested modifications, I noticed an immediate uptick in the recruiting traffic stemming from my LinkedIn changes. As I continued to fine-tune my profile, the calls and e-mails increased exponentially. THANK YOU Joe!!"

Jay Hiller

"I started looking for a new job as an adjuster back in January. A month or so later, Joe was recommended to me as a career coach. I called him and agreed to the fee for his services. The first thing he did was emphasize the importance of LinkedIn as a job search aid. He reviewed the simple profile I had created and helped me build it out to where it fully described my experiences. Up to that time, I had been applying for jobs and sending resumes with no return interest. After he worked with me on the profile and discussed better job search techniques, I started to get interviews, first online on Skype and later in person. The end result was a job offer in June, which I accepted. His thoroughness, personal hands-on assistance, and patience, led to my getting this job I have now. I most heartily recommend Joe to anyone seeking employment."

Daniel "Dan" Lane, Claims Adjuster

"With the immense work background that Joe has, he definitely knows what is talking about. Joe and I have worked together to help me better understand administrative operations, specifically in the startup scene. His knowledge was then and there to guide me towards the right outlook, which was extremely valuable to prevent making mistakes on my behalf from an executive position. From finding the right business partners to funding, Joe was insightful to put light on a new perspective of sourcing what and who I need to better my startup. All in all, being advised by Joe, I am happy with the work Joe did as an adviser, and I give him my fullest recommendation."

Brad T., Entrepreneur & Executive

"Joe is a wealth of knowledge and an excellent mentor. He totally understands LinkedIn and what is important when creating a profile. He also knows what companies are looking for when they view a profile. Better yet, he can easily transfer that knowledge in a way that makes sense. Whether speaking one-on-one or to a group, he excels at communicating ideas of how to use one's LinkedIn profile to either market oneself individually or promote their company. I have implemented much of what Joe's taught me, but I look forward to tapping further into what I have learned from him."

John Cody, Preconstruction Director

"I found my conversation with Joe very insightful. He is a master inadvising individuals how to maximize their LinkedIn profiles. I will carry the wisdom I obtained from Joe for the rest of my professional career."

Ben Gradert, Industrial and Organizational Psychologist

"I met Joe a couple of months ago in Houston. A friend of mine Bob introduced me to Joe, and we had lunch together.

Joe was humble, approachable and showed from the beginning a significant level of empathy. He turned out to be an extraordinary listener, probably the best I ever met. It strikes me that Joe almost all the time anticipated my thoughts and led the conversation to my benefit. In our discussion about the current job market and about how to land the best job, he showed that he is very knowledgeable and that he can consistently help me to provide the best strategies.

As a coach and mentor, Joe is merely extraordinary, it takes him no effort to convince you what is best for you and he can smoothly guide you to achieve the best outcome. Joe is also excellent in identifying and assessing talents; he masterfully helps his clients to get the best out of their abilities. He quickly recognizes potential and helps you to market it. Thanks to his 30 years of experience and his vast knowledge Joe can build for his clients an accurate, appealing and sharp profile on LinkedIn. He is very cautious and pays attention even to minor details, be sure if you work with him on a project no option, no alternative will be left unchecked. Another astonishing thing about Joe is that he knows so many countries and perfectly understands their culture. He equally can understand Russian, German and Asian Cultures. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a Ferrari in the coaching and mentoring market: you better ask for Joe!"

Andreas Fornwald, CEO

"Truthful leader and mentor is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Joe. I’ve had the pleasure of having a coaching session for over one hour with Joe, during which he guided me about what the next steps should be in my efficient job search. Above all, I was impressed with Joe’s ability to make it crystal clear how to use LinkedIn and how to use your own potential to manifest what you are searching. And, of course, his leadership skills make him a true guiding coach for anyone who is seeking to build executive team or find their true calling, and it comes with my heartfelt recommendation"

Mirzeta Colic, Contract Administrator 

"Joe and I held a 1-hour coaching conversation in which Joe was able to help me gain clarity in my current job search position. He inspired me to push the boundaries of the level of role I am capable of achieving and succeeding in. He also provided me with great tips for responding to salary questions and negotiating a fair package. I recommend Joe for his extensive experience, expertise and coaching skills."

Kristin Ginn, Strategic Leader in engineering management

"I recommend seeking Joe Frankie’s LinkedIn advice, unreservedly. His expertise is evident in the book he co-authored with Lori Ruff, “LinkedIn: The 5-Minute Drill to Executive Networking Success.” What doesn’t necessarily come through in the book is how easily Joe connects to people on a personal level. When I recently met with Joe, he started with a number of questions to get a detailed perspective of my work history and goals. Having a comprehensive grasp of “me,” he then walked me through a series of steps I need to take to improve my LinkedIn profile. I will say that, although I have spent a great deal of time on my profile in the past, my meeting with Joe resulted in a long list of “homework” items that will take some time to complete. However, once I complete my list, I am confident that potential clients and hiring managers who are looking for my areas of expertise will value my profile over other candidates who didn’t have the benefit of Joe’s guidance. Moreover, I value Joe’s counsel not just for of his depth and breadth of knowledge on LinkedIn, but because he is a genuinely kind and caring person, a combination rare in any area of business. Bottom line: if you want to be found in LinkedIn searches, be smart and engage with Joe Frankie."

Chuck Cavin, Machine Learning Engineer

"Joe is a leading authority in how to harness and maximize the power of LinkedIn. In just one conversation, he taught me how to organize my profile to ensure that I was properly merchandising myself, ensuring my project experiences told a story of what I accomplished. I have only used half of what I learned in an hour conversation but it has already yielded a remarkable improvement in my network and professional relationships. Joe is a first class coach and mentor and I look forward to becoming a client in the near future."

Tayo Ayandele, PMP Data Center Engineer

"I was connected to Joe Frankie through a veteran’s network recommendation. His reputation was that of someone who provides proven results. Joe provided much needed insight on how I can effectively market myself on LinkedIn and how providing transparency along with personal branding is a recipe for success. From an organizational perspective, transparency is key and a highly valued commodity. From a personal career perspective, communicating your value is an equally valued commodity. His stewardship through mentoring and coaching greatly increased my visibility to perspective future employers. Shortly after working through many versions of my profile, I was able to secure the ideal position in a top tier organization. I have learned a great deal from his guidance and look to continuously improve my personal brand along with career transparency. Joe’s advice is priceless and I highly recommend his consulting services. Thank you Joe for all your help in guiding me to success."

Mark Diaz, CPSM< SSBB< CPSD< Supply Chain Management

I met Joe at an event where he taught folks how to use LinkedIn to its full potential but more than that, he taught ME how to market and highlight MY full potential. I got out there and created virtual connections with strangers and it’s funny to say this now but some of those connections turned into professional relationships. The career I’m in now stemmed from one of those connections. I would have never thought to network with people in different industries but it really opened up my eyes to explore opportunities beyond my comfort zone. Joe had great advice and continues to follow up with me to ensure I’m on the right path. His knowledge is invaluable and appreciated more than words can describe.

Carrie Wathen, Human Resources Professional

As a seasoned professional I truly enjoy working with others who can increase my knowledge and operational knowledge. Joe Frankie impressed me with his ability to make one feel immediately at ease in the fact that he knows "a bunch about a bunch". The knowledge I gained from working together with Joe was so valuable because it collapsed the period of time I would have needed to accomplish the mission. I saved months, if not over a year of wasted time with the very first conversation, truly astonishing. If you or your company seeks direction with tangible team building directives, Joe Frankie is undeniable the right person for the job.

Steven Eugene K.

As an experienced technology executive in need of counsel, Joe has always been there for me whenever I've reached out to him. He's invaluable in his patience, his generous time in listening to me, and giving me his guidance, advice and friendship as I've navigated the ladders of leadership in my field. Leaders need their own trusted advisors to listen to them, be their sounding board and allow them to brainstorm in a safe space as to how to help their organizations and teams face challenges and come out triumphant. I can certainly say that Joe has been such a trusted advisor to me. I value knowing him and honored to have him as one of my trusted advisors and counsel. Thank you Joe.

Neli H., Executive Leader

Joe Frankie Coached me on Selling Myself To Win in the job search and interview process. Everything that he told me to do- I did-on the same day or within 48 hours. As a result, I received multiple six-figure job offers within 3 weeks to 6 weeks of applying Joe’s strategies and advice. Joe was particularly helpful with teaching me how to improve the quality my LinkedIn page content as well as helping me to develop the mindset of solving the client’s problems by telling meaningful, quantitative and emotional stories. Do not stop to pass go, pick up the phone right now and give Joe Frankie a call if you want to get back to work now and not months or years from now- I am living proof that Joe’s mentorship got me fit to fight for the career building opportunities I wanted within hours not days, not weeks.


Eugene L. Watkins III, MBA, Project Controls Manager